Training Aircraft

West Valley Flying Club has one of the largest fleets of training aircraft in the Bay Area. These aircraft are priced for any budget. Rental rates posted are hourly and wet (fuel included), subject to change. Contact us today to learn more about flying with WVFC and renting our aircraft.

Cessna Aircraft

Cessna’s (152, 162, 172) are the most common aircraft to train in. Versatile and economically priced, the C152/C162 are small 2-seaters, while the C172 is the ultimate 4-seat trainer. Cessna is often referred to as a “high-wing” because the wing is above the cabin.

Piper Aircraft

Another fixed wing aircraft that is great for training in. Similar in size to the Cessna C172 aircraft with 4-seats.  Piper is often referred to as a “low-wing” because the wing is below the cabin.

Diamond Aircraft

The Diamond DA40 is a great introductory plane for pilot’s who enjoy a low wing cockpit experience. The Diamond DA40 is a sleek and fast 4-seater aircraft and great for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

American Champion (Citabria) Aircraft

Back to basics!  The American Champion Citabria is a low cost 2-seat “taildragger” airplane.  The landing gear configuration (third wheel at the back as opposed to the front) forces the training pilot to master important stick and rudder skills from day one.

Tail NumberLocationYearMakeModelWet Rate/hrWeight & BalPOHSpec Sheet
N102UCPAO 1980 Cessna C152$129W&BPOHSpecs
N152UF PAO 1979 Cessna C152$119W&BPOHSpecs
N5107BPAO 1979CessnaC-152$128W&BPOHSpecs
N89359 SQL 1978 Cessna C152$119 W&BPOHSpecs
N5207Z PAO 2010 Cessna C162 (Skycatcher)$119 W&BPOHSpecs
N5207R SQL 2010 Cessna C162 (Skycatcher)$105 W&BPOHSpecs
N4609Q SQL 1973 Cessna C172M (Skyhawk)$158 W&BPOHSpecs
N194SPPAO 2003CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$185W&BPOHSpecs
N296ME PAO 2000 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$184W&BPOHSpecs
N384ME SQL2000 Cessna C172SP (Skyhawk)$175W&BPOHSpecs
N380SP SQL 2001 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$157 W&BPOHSpecs
N35583 SQL 2001 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$157 W&BPOHSpecs
N52535 PAO 2002 Cessna C172SP (Skyhawk)$210W&BPOHSpecs
N54JA SQL 1998 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$151 W&BPOHSpecs
N610SP SQL 2000 Cessna C172SP (Skyhawk)$179 W&BPOHSpecs
N669TW PAO 2002 Cessna C172SP (Skyhawk)$185W&BPOHSpecs
N739TW PAO 2002 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$199W&BPOHSpecs
N748SP PAO 2000 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$195W&BPOHSpecs
N826KSPAO1999Cessna172SP (Skyhawk)$179W&BPOHSpecs
N837SPPAO2001CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$179W&BPOHSpecs
N850SP PAO 2001 CessnaC172SP (Skyhawk)$199W&BPOHSpecs
N1004E PAO 2005 Cessna C172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$195W&BPOHSpecs
N1242NPAO 2006Cessna C172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$199W&BPOHSpecs
N1322K PAO 2006 CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$209W&BPOHSpecs
N186CSPAO 2011CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$220W&BPOHSpecs
N456DX PAO 2005 CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$209W&BPOHSpecs
N5043J PAO 2008 CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$209W&BPOHSpecs
N605WM SQL 2020 Cessna C172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$220 W&BPOHSpecs
N698JA SQL 2008 CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$225W&BPOHSpecs
N879HZ PAO 2019 Cessna C172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$223W&BPOHSpecs
N9045B PAO 2010 CessnaC172SP G1000 (Skyhawk)$215W&BPOHSpecs
N91338 SQL 1985 PiperPA28-161 (Warrior) $149W&BPOHSpecs
N2395V SQL 1985 PiperPA28-181 (Archer II)$134 W&BPOHSpecs
N343MM PAO 1999 PiperPA28-181 (Archer III)$158 W&BPOHSpecs
N3576J PAO 1980 PiperPA28-181 (Archer II)$165W&BPOHSpecs
N4319YPAO 1984PiperPA28-181 (Archer II)$185W&BPOHSpecs
N81034 PAO 1979 PiperPA28-181 (Archer II)$159W&BPOHSpecs
N383AC PAO 2001 Am Champion7ECA (Citabria)$130 W&BPOHSpecs
N596JR PAO 1996 Am Champion7ECA (Citabria)$150W&BPOHSpecs
N443AC PAO 2000 Am Champion7GAA (Citabria)$159W&BPOHSpecs