WVFC Instructors

40+ flight instructors are authorized to instruct in WVFC aircraft.  They are independent contractors who offer a wide range of budgets, desired training levels, and ratings. If you are starting as a new student, who has never flown before, browse the list of instructors below and explore your options.  You pick the instructor and are free to change instructors at anytime you choose.  If you would like to learn to fly in a Tailwheel aircraft, then check that the instructor has a “Yes” in the Tailwheel column.

If you are already a private pilot and want earn an instrument rating, or check out in an advanced airplane, then check the columns labeled Instrument, Cirrus, Tailwheel, or Multi.

Please note, most instructors accept credit cards, cash or check. Payments are made directly to instructors as independent contractors and not West Valley Flying Club. 

Experience Key
  • 1-Gold: CFI with FAA Gold Seal endorsement. 2+ years and 1,000 hours teaching experience.
  • 2-Senior: 2+ years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience.
  • 3-Advanced: Over 400 hours of teaching experience.
  • 4-Instructor: Up to 400 hours of teaching experience.
Instructor Types
All instructors cover private certification, in addition some instructors also teach the following additional ratings:
  • Instrument: Teaches instrument rating
  • Cirrus: Teaches in Cirrus aircraft
  • Tailwheel: Teaches in tailwheel aircraft
  • Multi: Teaches in multi-engine aircraft
InstructorRateExperienceAccepts New StudentsAvailable DaysInstrumentCirrusTailwheelMultiBio Page
Ali, Rozh1203-AdvancedYes7 daysYesYesNoNoBio
Babcock, Drury 1602-SeniorYesMon-FriYesNoNoNoBio
Ballew, Sue 145 to 1601-GoldYesMon-FriYesNoNoNoBio
Baser, Orhan 1202-SeniorYes7 daysYesYesNoYesBio
Blanck, Greg904-InstructorYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Blonstein, Steve 1202-SeniorYesMon-FriYesYesNoNoBio
Dalvand, Mehdi 1202-SeniorYes7 daysNoYesYesNoBio
Dietz, Lou 1401-GoldYesMon-FriYesYesYesNoBio
Druch, Ian 110 to 1202-SeniorYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Eames, Geoffrey1202-SeniorYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Eater, Ben904-InstructorYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Farsaie, Nariman 1202-SeniorYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Floersch, Eliot 1201-GoldYes7 daysYesYesNoYes
Franz, Steffen 80 to 904-InstructorYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Gaffney, Nathaniel 1202-SeniorYes7 daysYesNoNoYesBio
Gauvin, Steve 1201-GoldYes7 daysYesNoNoYesBio
Higgins, Jim 1702-SeniorYes7 daysYesYesNoYes
Hirschfeld, Max1003-AdvancedYesMon-FriYesNoNoNoBio
Irish, Wes 1601-GoldYes7 daysYesYesNoNoBio
Kamel, Melek 1201-GoldYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Kosovskiy, Dmitriy1102-SeniorYes7 daysYesYesNoNoBio
Kumar, Gopal 1251-GoldYes7 daysYesYesNoYesBio
Maruyama, DaisukeQuote4-InstructorYesSat-SunYesNoNoNo
May, Michael 100 to 1252-SeniorYes7 daysYesYesYesYes
Miller, Terry 1001-GoldYes7 daysYesNoYesYes
Moseley, John1204-InstructorYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Neville, Sean 90 to 1004-InstructorYes7 daysYesYesNoNoBio
O'Dea, Kelly 1351-GoldYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Oz, Doron1302-SeniorNo7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Pashchenko, Oleksii903-AdvancedYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Popovici, Radu 1002-SeniorYes7 daysNoNoNoYesBio
Rick, Ramon Quote1-GoldNoSat-SunYesYesNoYesBio
Ring, James 1002-SeniorNo7 daysYesNoNoYes
Sabit, Dauren1201-GoldYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Savidge, Greg 140 to 1452-SeniorYes7 daysYesNoYesYesBio
Schwartz, Scott1201-GoldYes7 daysYesNoYesNoBio
Serra, Edoardo1004-InstructorYes7 daysYesYesNoNo
Sloan, James 1202-SeniorYesMon-FriYesNoNoNoBio
Smith, Jonathan1253-AdvancedYes7 daysYesNoNoNoBio
Thekkath, Chandu75 to 1004-InstructorYes7 daysYesYesNoNoBio
Tilton, Ted 1002-SeniorYes7 daysYesYesNoYes
Trescott, Max 1801-GoldYes7 daysYesYesNoYesBio
Vandevoorde, Nicolas1002-SeniorYes7 daysNoNoNoNoBio
Woo, Raymond 803-AdvancedYesSat-SunYesYesNoNoBio