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West Valley Flying Club has been operating for over 50 years.  Since we’ve been around for 5 decades, we have an incredible amount of valuable experience that we can all share together.  There are other clubs in the area, but none come close to West Valley in terms of the experience we’ve accumulated over this time period.

West Valley Flying Club holds the members and flight instructors to the highest quality standards.  This is reflected in our recent safety record.  In turn we are rewarded with some of the best insurance coverage in the industry.  The same is true for our own maintenance department that cares for the majority of our fleet to the highest quality standards.  We don’t cut corners because first and foremost we’re a safe non-profit flying club and not a business trying to make a profit.

The diversity of our club is reflected in many different ways.  We have a wide selection of aircraft, based at different airports.  We authorize a wide range of instructors to manage your training, one of whom is sure to meet your needs and become a part of your experience here.  We offer a multitude of events, programs, seminars, and fly-outs.  There is always something going on.

What really makes West Valley Flying Club unique is our organizational structure.  We’re a California 501c(7) non-profit flying club.  We are a member driven organization.  Members choose to put in time and effort to make the club better.  A board of 7 directors, 6 of which are elected by the membership, drives the direction of the club.  It promotes diversity, open thinking, and doesn’t allow any one person or faction to control the club.  It’s one of the main reasons we continue to thrive more than 50 years of existence.

West Valley Flying Club has helped over 13,000 members either get their first license or experienced pilots get checked out in the plane of their choice.  We truly have been making your dreams of flight a reality since 1972.

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