Logbook Request Form

Starting the process

  • Please complete the form below.
  • Submit page
  • If the check ride is during a weekday a 3 day lead-time is required
  • If the check ride is scheduled for a weekend a 5 day lead-time is required

After the MX coordinator has the request the logbooks will be delivered to the designated logbook mail slot (PAO) then via interoffice mail to SQL. The logs will be in a simple and specific plastic folder with a copy of the request form included.

Logbook sign out Procedures (all Facilities)

  • Maintenance staff will retrieve logbooks from the designated storage area
  • Confirm that all the books listed on the request form are accounted for
  • Member also will confirm the number of books
  • Member will sign the request form taking responsibility for the books
  • Maintenance staff member will file the signed request form in the designated Logbook siqn-out binder
  • Logs will be checked out and signed for on the day of the check ride and returned immediately to the maintenance personnel and the books locked up.

Responsibilities of members

  • Logbooks for all aircraft are to be examined at a WVFC facility and returned immediately to desk personnel when the member and check pilot are finished.
  • Logbooks for use in the SQL office will be delivered no earlier than the day before the check ride.
  • The member is responsible for returning the logbooks to the facility they checked the books out from.
  • Logbooks used for check rides at locations other than a WVFC facility must be organized through the Maintenance Department.
  • Under no circumstances will logbooks be returned to unmanned or closed facilities, left in the A/C, or returned to one of the 2 lockboxes at the WVFC facilities.
  • If the circumstances do not allow the member to return the logs to desk personnel, the member must retain possession of the logbooks until the following day when they can be returned to the Maintenance Department or Member Services Team. If the books cannot be returned the following day, the member needs to call or email the Member Services Team and coordinate a time when the books will be returned.

Aircraft logbooks are worth 10% of the value of the plane. Please treat them accordingly.

Logbook Request Form